Info on Day Care Options



Parents Exploring Day Care Options Seminar (PEDCO)

The Children’s Village offers a three-hour seminar, called PEDCO, to help parents make informed decisions about their Child Care Options.

You’ll learn all about:

  • home childcare (licensed and independent)
  • group care centres
  • nanny services
  • advantages and disadvantages of each option

Plus, how to:

  • find child care
  • interview potential care givers
  • contract with a child care provider
  • establish and maintain an ongoing relationship with a child care provider

The small, informal groups provide:

  • opportunities for discussion
  • networking with day care experts and other parents

Sessions are offered every third Thursday morning of each month at the Children’s Village main office, 333 Churchill Ave North, Ottawa, K1Z 5B8

Babies are welcome.

Contact us for more information at 613-725-2040.